Welcome to my portfolio!

I am Andrew Cox, a seasoned pharmacist with a PharmD and MBA based in Pittsburgh, PA. With over 12 years of diverse experience spanning clinical pharmacy, medical affairs, and pharmaceutical consulting, I specialize in client-facing roles within managed care, pharmacy benefit management, and formulary development.

My career has been defined by a passion for optimizing healthcare outcomes through strategic management of medication formularies, particularly in Medicare D, Medicaid, and commercial sectors. I have a robust background in therapeutic areas such as autoimmunity, hepatology, oncology, and neuroscience, supported by extensive research and publications in esteemed scientific journals.

In addition to my clinical roles, I am deeply engaged in medical content writing, contributing high-quality articles to publications like Managed Healthcare Executive. My writing focuses on translating complex medical data into accessible insights for healthcare professionals and patients alike, covering topics ranging from oncology advancements to infectious disease treatments and beyond.

I thrive on building collaborative relationships with key opinion leaders and healthcare providers, leveraging my expertise to drive evidence-based initiatives that enhance clinical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs. My proficiency in health economics, clinical research, and medical writing allows me to bridge the gap between scientific innovation and practical healthcare solutions.

As I continue to evolve in my career, I am dedicated to exploring new avenues where my clinical expertise and passion for healthcare communication can create meaningful impact.